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There was a time when the terms”vaccination”, “immunization”, and “inoculation” were used interchangeably. Not anymore, they are not the same. Perhaps it was a reflection on our collective ignorance of the workings of the immune system. This lack of knowledge can no longer be tolerated; the lives of millions are at stake.

What Does Inoculation Mean?

What is an Inoculant?

How Do Inoculants Work?

Do Vaccines Inoculate?

Join the Whole Life Party – Everyone Invited!

Whether you’re the patient/client, caretaker/mother, or healthcare provider, a holistic approach to life can relieve stress, bring greater joy, and rescue us from the rabbit hole of ill-health and dis-ease.

Enjoy “The Electric Slide” – It’s Holistic

ElectricSlide-4Skip the Whole Life Insurance, let’s get to the Whole Life Party! Ever been through the “Bounce House of Health“? or the “Tread Mill of Dread“? Let’s hop on a “New Train of Thought” enroute to the “High Air Balloon of Healthy Behaviors“!
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Holistic Health for Nutters, Poppers and Fritters – BlogTalkRadio

Hands for Healing presents a new audio podcast series . . .
gene-wallsJoin Gene Marie for a cruise down “Healthway 66” towards a lifestyle of robust radiance and joy.

We’ll talk to the Nutters who “sample” every health scheme that comes down the pike.

We’ll hang with the Poppers who run a track record of hits and misses–kinda like popcorn, some kernals never get fluffy.

Then we’ll gawk at the Fritters who get fried because they can’t decide.

Let’s get on with the party, paint flowers on the walls, and get out on the dance floor of life!

Please forgive our mess.

Treasuring the Global Family

Special-Ideas-InterfaithButton Healthway 66 is about cherishing ourselves and each other so we can partake of and enjoy the richness of what it is to be human–no matter where or how we live, regardless of what we believe or do. We are all part of The Great Experiment and there is so much to learn from and with each other. This is the real journey. This is the divine odyssey.

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