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“Who Are You?” by The Who
Uploaded on Jan 13, 2009 – thankyoupourlavideo

Overwhelmed by the many messages vying for attention, skepticism is on the rise.

A. Consciously Connecting with your audience –
Facebook and other social media portals, email lists, face-to-face community gatherings
B. Empathically Relating to core values and sense of identity – adaptable points of view and perspectives
C. Courteously Timing communications to attract the desired response – integrate ongoing analysis of trends, habits, concerns, priorities

Get acquainted with your community –

    average donation
    acquisition sources
    when do they give
    how often they give/how many recurring donors you have (what do they have in common, if anything?)

8 Principles of Fundraising – It’s not about money, it’s about people. – Make workplace giving and volunteering easy and impactful by bringing together all your needs to run a successful program in one integrated system. Take advantage of tremendous feature sophistication behind a simple, elegant interface to engage employees and make program administration flexible and painless.

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