Mission – Quest for True Health

“Let your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self.”Baha’u’llah, from the LAWḤ-I-DUNYÁ (Tablet of the World)

“Heal the World” by Michael Jackson
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Purpose – What Animates You?

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R&D: Aspirations

Healthway66 is weaving a global network of families and friends who participate in the effort to heal the world holistically by recognizing the interdependence of natural and spiritual forces to restore and sustain harmony within us, among us, and all around us.

This world, with its natural and man-made catastrophes, offers a myriad opportunities to express love, exercise compassion, and exhibit the full spectrum of human virtues. Without darkness, it is difficult to truly appreciate the light; without storms it is difficult to value the calm. It is the bitter than increases the savor of sweetness and the thirst-quenching refreshment of water that overcomes the drought. Within each life are innumerable challenges from conception to death. Instead of cursing our common plight, perhaps we can step back to view the panorama and forego the drama.

Consider Healthway66 as part of the Great Experiment to find ways and means to rise to occasions and conquer the trials we face whether in bodily and mental health, economic and spiritual wealth, or relationships with ourselves and/or others. It is clear we were not meant to journey alone. Whether Healthway66 is the route you take far or near or simply as an excursion, we welcome your presence and whatever you care to offer.

Healthway66 begins at personal TRANSFORMATION where we accept responsibility for “driving” our own divine chariots–the physical bodies we inhabit as we sojourn this life. Although many factors are beyond our immediate control, many other parameters are within our influence. The choices we make (or defer to someone or something else) directly impact the options and circumstances that evolve in our lives.

Our physical and mental health (or lack thereof) becomes a “symptom” of our condition. As such, we are to become the expert and seek counsel wisely from informed advisors (e.g., doctors and other healthcare professionals). Likewise, what cargo we choose to carry and the destinations we seek are largely up to us unless we defer those decisions to others. Indeed, so often we do let others drive us, often to our own peril. Healthway66 is about reclaiming our sovereignty and becoming empowered to manage our own lives.

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