Wondrous 19-Day Monthly Tour

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A newly bestowed gift of time is the 19-day month which focuses on a divine attribute each day. These same attributes are repeated in a cycle of nineteen 19-day months to round out a solar year with the addition of the four “Days of Há” (five in a solar leap year). The fun part is matching these attributes with 7-day weeks; each day of the week also focuses on a divine attribute. The triad combination brings a freshness to each day because none is repeated in any given year (or even multiple years). The yearly cycle begins with the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere evoking the reviving energy of Springtime!

You may be more comfortable with the 7-day week Daily Commute.

The divine attributes are transliterated from Arabic and translated into British English. These are derived from the Badi Calendar used in the Baha’i Faith which begins the week at sunset on Friday and designated as Saturday. The challenge of translating is capturing suitable connotations, not just the denotations; so, please allow for overlaps in meaning and focus on the English usage as an anchor point then expand your contemplation. Gratitude to Wikipedia for ease of relaying this information.

Divine Attributes of the 7-Day Week

For the sake of formatting, the days of the week are abbreviated.

    SAT. – GLORY – Jalál [جلال ]
    SUN. – BEAUTY – Jamál [جمال ]
    MON. – PERFECTION – Kamál [كمال ]
    TUE. – GRACE – Fiḍál [فضال ]
    WED. – JUSTICE – ‘Idál [عدال ]
    THU. – MAJESTY – Istijlál [استجلال]
    FRI. – INDEPENDENCE – Istiqlál [استقلال ]

Weekly Warm-up
You may choose to begin simply by contemplating the divine attribute of the day instead of the triad. This an excellent way to get familiar with the nuances of meaning and its relevance to you in your daily living.

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…Three things I pray…to see Thee more clearly, love Thee more dearly, follow Thee more nearly, day by day…

Divine Attributes of the 19-Day Month

For simplicity without including the corresponding dates, the days are numbered 1-19 and apply to the day of the month as well as each of the nineteen months in the solar year including the intercalary days (i.e., “Days of Há “).

1 – SPLENDOUR – Bahá [بهاء ]
2 – GLORY – Jalál [جلال ]
3 – BEAUTY – Jamál [جمال ]
4 – GRANDEUR – ‘Aẓamat [عظمة ]
5 – LIGHT – Núr [نور ]
6 – MERCY – Raḥmat [رحمة ]
7 – WORDS – Kalimát [كلمات ]
8 – PERFECTION – Kamál [كمال ]
9 – NAMES – Asmá’ [اسماء ]
10 – MIGHT – ‘Izzat [عزة ]
11 – WILL – Mashíyyat [مشية ]
12 – KNOWLEDGE – ‘Ilm [علم ]
13 – POWER – Qudrat [قدرة ]
14 – SPEECH – Qawl [قول ]
15 – QUESTIONS – Masá’il [مسائل ]
16 – HONOUR – Sharaf [شرف ]
17 – SOVEREIGNTY – Sulṭán [سلطان ]
18 – DOMINION – Mulk [ملك ]
Ayyám-i-Há [ايام الهاء ] The Days of Há
19 – LOFTINESS – ‘Alá’ [علاء ]

For daily contemplation, you may enjoy “The Bahá’i Daily Readings

Beginning the Tour

The fun begins with the discovery of the triad each day. For example in 2015, as one would say, “Tuesday, the 4th of May” [weekday, the 4th day of month] then the triad would be: “Grace, the Grandeur of Beauty” because May 4 occurs in the month of Jamál. The extraordinary thing in following the Baha’i day cycle with the day beginning at sunset, one is able to retire to bed with the new triad in mind and then contemplate it upon arising from sleep and throughout the waking hours until the next sunset, beginning afresh again.

Below are the corresponding dates for March 20, 2016 thru March 19, 2017 [173 BE] along with additional meanings for the divine attributes. The dates will be revised in keeping with the current Badi year.

1: Mar 20-Apr 7
SPLENDOUR – Bahá = splendour, glory, light, excellence

2: Apr 8-Apr 26
GLORY – Jalál = glory, majesty

3: Apr 27-May 15
BEAUTY – Jamál = beauty, charm

4: May 16-Jun 3
GRANDEUR – ‘Aẓamat = grandeur, glory, majesty, dominion, greatness

5: Jun 4-Jun 22
LIGHT – Núr = light, radiance, brightness, splendour, effulgence, illumination

6: Jun 23-Jul 11
MERCY – Raḥmat = mercy, blessing, grace, favour, loving kindness, providence, compassion

7: Jul 12-Jul 30
WORDS – Kalimát = words, utterance, the word of God

8: Jul 31-Aug 18
PERFECTION – Kamál = perfection, excellence, fullness, consummation, maturity

9: Aug 19-Sep 6
NAMES – Asmá’ = names, titles, attributes, designations

10: Sep 7-Sep 25
MIGHT – ‘Izzat = might, glory, power, exaltation, honour, majesty, grandeur, strength, sovereignty, magnificence

11: Sep 26-Oct 14
WILL – Mashíyyat = will, purpose, the primal will, the will of God

12: Oct 15-Nov 2
KNOWLEDGE – ‘Ilm = knowledge, wisdom, divine knowledge, revelation

13: Nov 3-Nov 21
POWER – Qudrat = power, might, authority, dominion, celestial might, omnipotence, transcendent power, indomitable strength, all-pervading power, ascendancy, divine power

14: Nov 22-Dec 10
SPEECH – Qawl = speech, words, testimony

15: Dec 11-Dec 29
QUESTIONS – Masá’il = questions, principles, truths, matters, mysteries, subtleties, obscurities, intricacies, problems

16: Dec 30-Jan 17
HONOUR – Sharaf = honour, excellence, glory

17: Jan 18-Feb 5
SOVEREIGNTY – Sulṭán = sovereignty, king, lord, majesty, sovereign, monarch, authority, potency, the power of sovereignty, the all-possessing, the most potent of rulers

18: Feb 6-Feb 24
DOMINION – Mulk = dominion, sovereignty, kingdom, realm, universe

February 25 – February 28: Ayyám-i-Há = The Days of Há celebration, hospitality, gift-giving, rejoicing, thanksgiving

19: Mar 1-Mar 19 LOFTINESS – ‘Alá’ = loftiness[month of fasting]


For a bit of fun, delving into the spiritual significance of years adds another layer of meaning to living the daily spiritual life of the Badi calendar which dates from the year 1844.

The current Badi year ends March 19, 2017 and is designated as 173 BE (Badi Era); it is the second year [Bá’, باء ] of the 10th Váḥid of the first Kull-i-Shay’ . . . or the “Váḥid of Love”–kind of like saying “the Decade of Love” but instead of ten years, it’s nineteen years . . . perhaps more time to get it right.

Perhaps we’ll discuss this more in a future post. For now, let’s bask in Love [Hubb, حب] and do whatever we can to infuse love throughout our lives, our communities and our world.
SOURCE: Copied with gratitude from Wikipedia, “Badi Calendar