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Read: “Action Plan for the New Year” by Dr. Mercola
Mercola-2016-0101--healthy-life Happy New Year! This year, what do you say we all skip the New Year’s resolution? About half of Americans make them, and most start out strong but come February or March, many have already thrown in the towel.

Mercola’s Story At-a-Glance
– Ninety-two percent of Americans fail to achieve the resolutions they commit to on New Year’s Day
– In place of a New Year’s resolution, make a commitment to simply live better this year
– My top 10 steps for living better in 2016 are discussed

This is an ongoing process, a lifestyle change, not an impulsive resolution that you blurted out at midnight and have all but forgotten by morning. It’s also not something you can achieve overnight. Rather, this is a plan you can live by.

10 Steps to Changing Your Life for the Better in 2016

It’s the start of a new year — what better time to start fresh with some positive changes? The 10 that follow are the crème de la crème of lifestyle tricks you can use to live better and be happier — and isn’t that really what virtually all of us are after?
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Lest I steal Dr. Mercola’s thunder and become guilty of plagiarism, below I simply offer my thoughts on his recommendations

Be sure to check out Mercola’s comprehensive nutrition plan.

For starters, the Ten Jump-Start Tips are great to implement at any time; so don’t wait for annual resolution time–you can begin today!

1. Give Up Soda – There are better ways to hydrate the body and still get that dopamine pleasure kick. Want fizzy? Try kefir or kombucha. [Learn more]

2. Eat Two Meals a Day, Within an Eight-Hour Window – Heck many ofus are too busy to eat “three squares” anyway. Eat less, digest more . . . then you can focus on quality intake instead of quantity and ditch calorie counting! One trick is to get to sleep before the late night munchies set in . . .

3. Get Eight Hours of Sleep Each Night – Early to bed…healthy, wealthy, and wise–early is . . . before “munchies” set in (see Tip #2). Sleep time is body-repair time; the rejuvenating sleep cycle allows the body to assimilate the good food and gather waste for elimination–have a good morning poop!

4. Eat More Healthy Fats and Fiber – It’s true, butter is better and enjoy the coconut. Veggie and fruit fiber beats shredded wheat. [Learn more from]

5. Eat Fermented Vegetables – What could be better than fresh garden veggies? Consider fermented goodies with an amazing shelf life and increased nutritional content–let those good little bacteria whip up a potent batch of enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics, and other nutrients for you!

6. Sit Less and Walk More, Work on Your Flexibility – An “active” lifestyle is not necessarily about spending hours in a gym or on the court(s). Here’s an AFoRMation for you: If you move it, you’ll improve it — Agility, Flexibility, Range of Motion.

7. Have Your Vitamin D Level Tested – In school we worked to avoid D’s especially on tests but Dr. Mercola suggests we get tested for vitamin D and pray our levels aren’t low–25(OH)D or 25-hydroxyvitamin D. However, don’t be quick to grab D-fortified drinks and foods because synthetic vitamin D is not what we need. We want the ideal ID, the internal not infernal D!

8. Eat Nutrient-Dense Protein (Quality not Quantity) – Moderation in all things works but one needs ALL things–whatever your source: pastured-based meat, fish, free-range/soy-free eggs, grassfed dairy products, or GMO-free legumes and nuts. You may not need much so seek protein that is PRO-Team: terrestrial (pasture-based), ecological (GMO-free), amicable (humanely cultivated), and manageable (assimilates well with you). Mercola suggests additional protein sources.

9. Meditate for 5 to 10 Minutes a Day – Check out Seduction of Spirit

10. Help Others and Be Active in Your Community – We applaud those who invest themselves in the welfare of others…hands for healing hands! The cycle of giving primes the pump for receiving.

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