Wreaths Across America

Forget Not the Freedom Forgers

“Wreaths Across America” (Unsung: A Hardworking Series by Shell Rotella)
Published on Nov 4, 2016 – Shell Rotella [7,238+]

A boyhood visit to Arlington National Cemetery left a big impression on Morrill Worcester—one he never forgot. Decades later, in 1992, his company’s surplus of 5,000 wreaths and his desire to have them placed at Arlington kicked off an annual tribute that went on quietly for over ten years. With national interest in the project having grown so greatly, in 2007 a dedicated group of volunteers formed Wreaths Across America as a non-profit- Wreaths Across America – to continue and expand the mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach. That vision that Morrill had so many years ago only came to manifest through the hard work and collaboration of all the parties who make it possible every year – from the truckers to the wreath makers to the volunteers in all the cemeteries across the United states and all over the world. [Read transcript – click on SHOW MORE]